17 Dec 2014



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SEAT Roadster


This Roadster concept is one of my personal projects during my stay at SEAT as intern (second half 2014).  

It´s the result of my research, as to how to fill the gap in the VW group range in this kind of vehicle. With its sporting appearance, high performance, 2 seater, lightweight, rear wheel drive, this is the perfect competitor against the new mazda mx-5.

 The SEAT Roadster has been designed with character and fun to drive in mind; it´s based on very dynamic shapes, geometric sculptures, and very tense lines. It has a windshield that flows from the bonnet, which doesn´t have A pilars due to the stiffness of the frame and roll over bars. 
Its short overhangs contributes to the good handling and maintain the size as compact as possible. 

On the sides we can find its muscular shoulders, followed by the carbon panels that cover the engine cooling exits. The body is aerodynamically efficient, with low drag and remarkable downforce, due to the shape of the top border of the windshield, directing the air flow towards the roll over structure and transversal wing on the rear, achieving a continuous air flow with minimum turbulences over the top an rear of the car, and the front and rear integrated wings in the bottom of the body, in adittion to the venturi-effect underbody and rear difusser.

In the front side,  predominates the carbon fiber panel which gives its powerfull personality, and the angular headlights,similar to the rearlights, which visualy connects with the shoulder line and converge towards the rear emblem.

With minimal modifications, we have the cup version, a true racing machine, for trackdays and One-Make series Championships.   

Technical info: Hybrid powertrain, 1.4 tsi engine (same as ibiza cupra block) more tan 200 hp and electric, total combined output>240 hp;  weight < 960 kg (2130 lbs), Weight distribution Front/Rear: 50/50. Power to weight ratio=4 kg/ hp, better than mazda mx5, similar to: Nissan 370z, Porsche 911 careara, Jaguar F-type S v6.

31 Aug 2014

Railgun Rifle Concept


New Electromagnetic railgun rifle concept (electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher). Powerfull as the current huge railguns, but light and compact as a bullpup assault rifle. The massive electrical power required is supplied by an atomic battery. Heat dissipation issues are solved using a water cooling system, bosted by several fans. Muzzle velocity> 2000 m/s. Rate of fire> 1700rpm